How do I get the maximum value from my supply and demand chain?

With ever shorter product life cycles, bigger unpredictability of the market and increasingly competitive markets, it is necessary to set up global supply chain so that they are more flexible and can be adjusted to maximize value at minimal cost to reach 'customer delight'.

Roodenburg advises the Executive Team in the strategic design of the production chain and demand generation:
• Industrial approach: Make it yourself or outsource?
• Full cost analysis: from sand to glass, mindful of flexibility, durability and quality
• Adjustments for the life stage of the product
• Location of production: China, India or Eastern Europe?
• Purchase commodity approach: sharp, committed, focusing on maximum value addition
• S & OP: the planning by the entire chain, reliably and with minimal inventory
• Demand planning: planning to delight customers! Reliable and timing as agreed.
• Master Planning Supply Planning to fulfilling customer demand!
• Procurement planning: planning for flexibility but minmaal stock
• Purchasing: full costs, and certified long-term vision
• Information technology: reliable, flexible standard drill where essential business
• Industrialization of new products: reliable and fast
• Product portfolio: value and effectiveness of the production chain
• LEAN organization
• High performance leadership team

The rate of Roodenburg is clear, transparent and competitive.